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About us


The Reading Central Community Gospel Choir came into existence in October 2007 following the Black History Month Community Gospel Choir project sponsored by the Reading Central Seventh Day Adventist Church and Reading Borough Council. The husband and wife team Colin and Cecelia Anderson, who live in London and are accomplished musicians within the Gospel Music industry, facilitated the workshop.
The people who attended the workshop thoroughly enjoyed the experience of coming together to create such a rhythmic, melodic and harmonic sound with the blend of their voices. This inspired them to form the Reading Community Gospel Choir.

Initially the choir consisted of predominantly individuals who attend the Reading Seventh Day Adventist Church. However, since its inception the choir has expanded, where now half of its members consist of people from both the community and other faith based groups. Most of the members either live or work locally, however a few individuals live and work in surrounding boroughs that fall within Berkshire.

The RComGos is a unique choir. It is diverse on various levels:

  • It consists of people ranging in ages from 13 to 68.

  • It has a fusion of different cultural backgrounds such as British; West Central, Eastern and Southern African; Indian; and French and English speaking Caribbeans.

  • Some are accomplished skilled and experience musicians, who have performed nationally and internationally, while others have no formal training in music but enjoy singing.

  • There is a cross representation of students and people from professionals from diverse backgrounds such as: Theology; Nursing; Education; IT; Early Years and other disciplines.

Despite the obvious differences, everyone is supportive of each other. This unifies RComGos Choir, which enable them to sing with great passion and in one accord. They enjoy singing gospel music because it is an effective means to communicate their message in song to their audience. The manner in which they convey the songs is infectious as they become animated and the expressive of their new storytelling, which draws the listeners in.

Their first debut was in November 2007 when they were invited by Reading Borough Council to sing in the town centre for the annual event of switching on the Christmas lights. They have since sung for the opening of the new Avenue School where they performed for many council members and the Lord Mayor and following on from that they have received numerous invitations to sing at: private functions; weddings; funerals; community events; concerts and at churches.

Our purpose:

The mission of the Reading Community Gospel Choir is to bring all voices together irrespective of one's cultural and religious background and give one voice to the gospel message of hope and love. This enables different kinds of people to step out of theit confort zones and harmonises around singing Gospel to their heart's content.

This Gospel music is guarantee to get your foot tapping; feet stomping; hands clapping and bodies dancing out of your seats as the message uplifts, inspires and brings hope and encouragement.